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The monograph, FORREST MOSES, published in Verona Italy by Kensho Editions, is a lush, full-color presentation of this important contemporary artist’s work over the past 40 years.
(Ken-seeing  Sho-nature.  Seeing into ones' nature)


Spare, intimate text by the artist himself informs this elegant monograph, which includes 144 color plates of Moses' paintings, monotypes and drawings. Moses' writing reads like poetry, providing a glimpse into the context of his work, his passion for nature, and for painting. Art historian Mary Terrance McKay, in an essay on landscape, places Moses' work in the context of American art history, and describes his special ability to reveal the natural world.

The book was designed by David Skolkin and printed in Verona, Italy, November 2001 by Stamperia Valdonega.

The book is 12 X 12 inches, 224 pages, a limited edition of 1500 copies, hardcover only in linen.

ARTIST EDITION: 200 books encased by a clam box covered with linen, signed and numbered.  Included in this edition is a separate Giclee print of an Iris blossom, selected by the artist, signed and numbered of only 200.


SPECIAL EDITION: 1300 books encased by a slip jacket covered in linen.



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is one of the most elegantly designed monographs published in years. For those who have followed Moses’ career it is a complete and lush publication capturing the richness of his work with clarity, precision and elegance. For those who are not as familiar with his work, the book provides a comprehensive and thoughtful overview on this timeless and critically accomplished painter of our times.

Moses, writing reads like poetry and gives an intimate glimpse into the context of his work, his passion for nature, and for painting. He writes eloquently of his life, his philosophical commitments and all the critical events that led him to his career in American landscape painting. Art historian, Mary Terrance McKay writes an Essay entitled “The Landscape of All We Know”, intelligently placing Moses in the context of American art history. McKay captures the depth and beauty of his paintings and how Moses reveals the natural world....
Louis Grachos
Albright Knox Museum

Forrest Moses’ body of work that spans over 40 years illustrates the artist’s equally accomplished eye and hand across the mediums of painting, drawing, and printmaking. The range of his images delineates his roots and interest in the landscape tradition while underscoring his acute awareness of his sense of place. His oeuvre is as generously represented here as are his aesthetic accomplishments and explorations in this large format volume that has been so beautifully and sensitively designed and produced. It surely merits the attention of collectors of art and of books alike.

George King
Director, Georgia O'Keeffe Museum

Forrest Moses, monograph, evidences in his words and his art a sensibility and an approach to his craft that is at once tough and tender. His is a most rare talent, as his words suggest and his painting has continuously confirmed.
Jan Ernst Adlmann
Former assistant director ,
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York
Author : Contemporary Art in New Mexico 1996


Santa Fe artist and landscpae painter Forrest Moses coffee table book
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Forrest Moses monotype